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In the present scenario, English is the most popular language in 21st century. English is the third dialect spoken by local speakers after Mandarin and Spanish. Despite there were many languages in the world, English is an official language in many countries. Most people can speak English, and it will take many centuries to be replaced by others. In the field of business, education, science, computer, entertainment and tourism, English play a significant role as a lingua Franca.
It is the duty of individuals having a place with various countries of the world to have adequate order over English dialect on the off chance that they are intrigued to prepare their profession prospects at a worldwide level. English is a link language.
Many multinational
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Educational institutions around the world – in English speaking countries and non-English speaking countries altogether – have been using English as a universal dialect of guideline for quite a long time. There is no official worldwide dialect as of now; in any case, the ubiquity of the English dialect can be followed through geology and social and social variables. Crystal (2003) states that a language can accomplish a status which rises above limits of nations and countries and turns into a common dialect in two principal ways. The first is by turning into the official dialect of a given country. There are two main courses in which this should be possible. Instantly, a dialect can be made the official dialect of a nation, to utilized as a medium of correspondence in such spaces as government, the law courts, the media, and the instructive framework. Another path for the dialect to achieve a status which will be view as worldwide is the point at which a dialect is made a need as a remote dialect in the instructive arrangement of a nation, even though this dialect has no official status. It turns into the dialect in which youngsters are well on the way to be instructed when they touch base in school, and the most accessible to grown-ups who – for reasons unknown – never learned it, or scholarly it severely, in their initial instructive years. The academic world has experienced significant changes over the most recent quite

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