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Another Memory Strategy which language learners employ while learning new vocabulary is semantic mapping. Stahl and Vancil (1986: 62) describe this strategy in the following way; “In semantic mapping, a teacher chooses a keyword and other target words from the material that the students will read. The keyword is listed on the board and students are asked to suggest terms associated with the keyword. The teacher writes the suggested words in a list on the board as the students suggest them. From this list, a map is constructed. The relationships between the keyword and suggested words are discussed thoroughly. Students are then asked to categorize each section of the map.”
Oxford and Crookall (1990: 20) claim that semantic mapping strategy may
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According to Schmitt (1997), Cognitive strategies are similar to Memory strategies in many aspects. The main difference between them is that “they are not focused so specifically on manipulative mental processing” (Schmitt, 1997:215). From this point of view, we can say that Cognitive strategies do not entail any transformation of knowledge in learners’ minds as it is the case with Memory strategies most of the time, and they are mostly more mechanical than Memory strategies.
Content Words – Function Words: Function words are a preposition, a junction or an article that has little semantic content of its own. It serves as a grammatical function that has no identifiable meaning. Function words might be prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, conjunctions, grammatical articles or particles all of which belong to the group of closing words. Each function word gives some grammatical information on other words in a sentence or clause and can not be isolated from other words. There is a list of the type of words included in function words.
Prepositions: with, from, on, under,

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