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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the planet 's imperative focuses for tackling severe poverty in its many scopes which include revenue, scarcity, malnutrition, sickness, deficiency of suitable shelter, and marginalisation, while encouraging gender equality, schooling, and ecological maintainability. This would also include our standard human rights, which are fundamentally the rights of every individual on the globe to education, shelter, health and safety. Signed in September of 2000, the United Nations Millennium Declaration obligates world leaders to battle these matters that are currently in today’s world. The eight goals include:

1.2.1 GOAL 1:

1.2.2 GOAL 2:
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These are, of course, just two hand-picked examples from a wide range of anecdotes from around the world. 1.3.1 Eritrea- Aiding communities to boost food security:

The community of Lamza, located on the borders of Asmara, appears desolate and empty barely any children at all frolicking around in the open field. This could be attributed to the fact that nearly all the village occupants are out working on their crops close by a valley, where two micro dams are permitting them to irrigate and cultivate their harvests. With UNDP 's support, the biggest of these dams was built as part of a $1.2 million food security endeavor instigated together with the Eritrea Ministry of Agriculture. The dam has a volume of roughly 1 million cubic meters of water(with adequate rainfall), and will support in expanding farmable land in the region and present innovative approaches to farming such as drip irrigation for improved crop yield. One micro dam alone assists in feeding 1,200 homes and about 6,000

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