Essay On New Year Goals

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Title: New Years Goals

Wow! , I find it amazingly surprising how fast the 2018 New Year has gotten here, its almost unbelievable. With this New year being here, I’ve come to realize that with a ‘New Year‘comes ‘New ways’, weather that be my personality, my perspective, or just my overall being , Which leads me to my sole purpose for writing this essay, “New Years Goals”. While I do have plenty of goals (long term and short term ones), here I will list the three main goals of mine that I feel will have the biggest impact on me yet : Be on time , Stop procrastinating , and End this last semester of Sophomore year with all A’s and B’s , with a better GPA to follow.

First, I intend to fulfill my first goal (Be on time), by challenging myself with small task around my own home (or place of residence). Some examples of challenging myself would be taking out the trash, washing the dishes, washing clothes, drying clothes, all on time. Since home is always considered your ‘foundation of everything that you are to become’, I find it very important that I seek value in
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Now that I have stated how I plan to accomplish my final goal, I will explain how my first two goals will help me. My first goal “Be on time”, will help me accomplish my last goal because if im on time more I won’t miss out on any important class discussions and topics, which will mean that I will be more aware of what to do when given a task to complete for a grade. My second goal , “ Stop procrastinating” will help me accomplish my final goal , because once I “ Stop procrastinating” I will be more up – to – date with all of the task I am assigned to complete , when I am assigned to complete them , Which will mean that my grades and GPA will surely
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