Essay On Sandy Hook Shooting

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Sandy Hook Shooting On December 14, 2012 the most horrific school shooting happened. A young man took the lives of innocent children and adults. No one knew what was ahead of them that Friday morning as they woke up and went on with their daily routine. Adam Lanza took the lives of 26 people. There are clear statements as to why this happened. The poor security, School Shooter video game, mental illness, and pedophilia are all causes to why this could have happened. The poor security in the school at Sandy Hook Elementary School led to a major tragedy. The school’s security failed. A gun man got into the school by the lack of security. The teachers were not properly trained on how to react when an intruder comes into the school. The school’s poor security led to the killing of 26 people. Adam Lanza was mentally ill. The mental illness could have had an effect on why he shot the 26 people. …show more content…

Parents of the victims that were shot made a nonprofit group called “Sandy Hook Promise” that aims to protect children from gun violence. They also made a film called “What They Left Behind.” 13 states have cut mental health funding. Connecticut has adopted some of the most restrictive gun polices in the country. It is meant to keep guns and other weapons out of the hands of mentally ill people. In conclusion, the Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy that no one ever wants to experience. Adam Lanza should have never been able to get into that school or even have been able to get a hold of guns and that is a problem that is being fixed right now. Sandy Hook is getting a new school with better security and being able to get a gun is harder in the state of Connecticut. Violent video games shouldn’t get into the hands of mentally ill people because the game Lanza played daily was what he exactly did to the innocent and helpless human beings in the school on December 14,

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