Secessionism In Pakistan

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Secession (Latin word – Derived from secession) is a term used to describe the historic movement of a state or merging it into one or either converting it to an independent state. In this following essay I would be focusing on the secessionist acts that had taken place in the Asian Continent called Kashmir. More importantly I need to offer a brief background history regarding about secessionism between Kashmir and Pakistan.
In the 1800s when the leader Abraham Lincoln had been elected a civil war had erupted. This was seen as a major threat to the citizens of America thus fuelling a war. This is where the first acts of secessionism was witnessed and therefore carried out in many other states.
Kashmir also known as Jammu is a country in the
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The Pakistan government had an own view on the Kashmiri land which stated that Kashmir belonged with Pakistan with economic, political and religious basis. Kashmir had only a train connection between Pakistan for the several years. Most of the rivers and canal systems of Kashmir had ran along the Pakistani land. The ongoing war that had developed at that time was named the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
The case of the land had reached the United Nations by India in January 1948.Pakistan than laid on area of cease fire during the 1949s which was west of the Pakistan land. India had the constructed several connections to India via roads and railways. One of the first and major connections was a road made through the mountains to link them with Indian. In 1957 a new constitution had been made for the new land of India, Kashmir.
Secessionism is an act of brutality as states are going into war due to the ownership and ruling of a piece of land. Evidently states fight over the ruling of each other’s land which could result in bringing deaths to country due to forced missiles and so forth. This would obviously bring a major drop to the country’s economy as well as be a major threat to the citizens of the
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The essay focused on the secessionism but furthermore the history and ways in which it affected Kashmir and Pakistan as a country. I’m totally against the fact that secessionism was used to resolve matters in terms of who the particular land belongs to. There are several other ways in which states can come to the conclusion of becoming or owning the land. Armed struggle has been a major fear from the 1800s and thus shouldn’t be the use of movement to get ownership of land; this creates fear in several citizens and thus will eventually affect the

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