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Good morning Mr. Lasse, the timekeeper, ladies and gentlemen, the topic of our debate today is “The house would ban self-driving car”

We agree with the definition of self-driving car that given by the affirmative team

On behalf of the negative team, I would like to define the word ”self-driving car” as a vehicle is navigated and maneuvered by a computer without a need for human control or intervention under a range of driving situations and conditions, which this vehicle makes the street more safer. According to techopedia dictionary, “self-driving car” is defined as autonomous cars use various kinds of technologies. They can be built with GPS sensing knowledge to help with navigation. They may use sensors and other equipment to avoid collisions. They also have the ability to use a range of technology known as augmented reality, where a vehicle displays information to drivers in new and innovative ways. We the negative team believe this statement is true. Today as a first speaker I will be talking about the safety of a self-driving car. Our second speaker will talk about the self-driving car are allowed disability people to drive and our third will rebut and sum up our team case. …show more content…

When it comes to the safety of the passengers of autonomous vehicles, and the safety of other drivers and pedestrians around them, there 's a fair bit of skepticism on the part of the general public, perhaps in part because trusting human lives to machine intelligence is a recent innovation and not one that comes easily to the general public. However, when stacked up against a human, who use their own senses from the point of view of the driver 's seat, driverless car technology has some major advantages, such as the inclusion of radar, lasers, cameras, and other sensors, plus the integration of GPS and mapping

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