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Language is the most outstanding product of human mind. Language enables people to express their feeling, ideas and wishes. It is the medium through which a child acquires the cultural, moral, religious and other values of society. Language fluency is oral expression of facts ideas attitudes etc in speech. It is the ability to speak independently with ease and spontaneity. A set of linguists who based their assumptions of language on psychology made claims that language is nothing but habit formation According to them language is learnt through practices
English Language Of all the languages in the world today, English deserves to be regarded as a world language. It is adorned as the queen of languages. The development of English as a global
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To think in English and then speak iii. To be able to compose freely and independently in speech and writing iv. To be able to read books with understanding
v. To acquire a vocabulary of 25000 words vi. To have ability to use of reference material such as encydopedia dictionary etc The Kothari Education commission Report quotes English would play vital role in higher education. No student should be considered as qualified for a degree in particular a Masters degree unless he has acquired a reasonable proficiency in English. Though the Educational Board of India has endorsed a lot of systems to improve the communicative skill of English among Indian students the position of English is still pulled down to the third place. The expected improvement is still not possible for Indian students. To them English is very complicated to learn as a second language
Vocabulary building through teaching
Just like grammar, vocabulary – building is another most important aspect of language learning. In reality without the knowledge of vocabulary, nobody can speak or write that language correctly. Without a good vocabulary, a person is not able to express himself successfully. Therefore along with grammar, teaching of vocabulary should also go

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