Essay On The Oj Simpson Trial

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The O.J. Simpson trial was a trial that was seen across the nation. Therefore, everyone was watching this trial to see what would happen and as we know evidence plays a major part in getting the correct verdict in a trial. Now some of the physical evidence that was found was some hair evidence on a cap as well as on Ron Goldman shirts. There were some cotton fibers consistent with the carpet in the Bronco that O.J. was riding in on a glove at his Rockingham residence as well as at the Bundy residence. Furthermore, there was blood dropped by the killer at Bundy and it was noted that it was the same type as Simpson and he had fresh cuts on his left hand a day after the murder. There is also the fact that there was blood found in the Bronco, foyer, …show more content…

Simpson’s defense team argued that it was not good because LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman deliberately planted evidence at the crime scene and tampered with DNA samples ( n.d.). Therefore, Simpson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran argued that despite all of the DNA evidence found at the scene and the bloody glove did not fit the perpetrator. Furthermore, they argued that there was some contamination to the DNA samples because of the way it was handled.
I feel that when the evidence was collected it should have been packaged properly. Furthermore, everything should have been labeled and placed on an evidence log to ensure that it was the DNA from the actual crime scene. Although, it could have been Mr. Simpson DNA if the proper protocol had been followed they may have been able to get a guilty verdict on the double murder as well as a life sentence.
I feel that given all of the fact and evidence in the case that the court did make the right decision. Unfortunately, if the evidence has been contaminated it cannot be used in court and that makes a big difference in a case. Therefore, this case showed the nation that if the evidence does not fit the crime than there is no possible way to find someone guilty of a crime because there is no physical evidence to prove that they actually committed the

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