Essay On The Queen's Peace

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In this era, people are living in a peaceful society which people are considered highly protected by laws. This peaceful atmosphere could be termed as the ‘Queen’s peace’. The origin of the queen’s peace is the general peace of the person’s and property protection in medieval times and transformed to the entire royal domain by the authority of the British monarch, when the monarch is a queen. The queen’s peace is vital to protect the personal property and the peace of the society which would makes people tend to live in a comfort and peaceful circumstance without people hurting or killing each other by the protection of the settlement of law. According to Uwede-Meshack (n.d.), Hart states that law is a union of primary and secondary rules. …show more content…

A criminal offence may lead to the panicky or the chaos of the society. For instance, terrorism, murder, burglary and so on. The target of the criminal law is to decide if the person breaks the law. The person who committed a crime could be said that he or she has offended against the state and the person should be prosecuted as the state has the rights when the person has broken the queen’s peace of the society. Furthermore, the punishment of the criminal offence could be prison, fines, community sentence and so on. Criminal law is set to deter people from committing criminal offences and to protect people from being attacked by others. Rickard (n.d.) claims that criminal law is being enacted to make sure that people do not use the law to seek for the personal justice by punishing the people which has harm us. For example, maybe someone has been raped by a person. If there is no criminal law, the victim or the family member of the victim could punish or even kill the person by saying that they are doing it only to gain the justice. As can be seen, criminal law is very important to protect everyone by preventing the physical harm from

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