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American Therapeutic Recreation Association defines therapeutic recreation as a treatment and recreation services to a person with illnesses or disabilities. The main treatment is call recreational therapy, which can be defined as a restore to improve functioning and being independent as well as the decrease of illness and disability. Provided recreation resources gives opportunities to improve an individual’s health and well-being. Therapeutic recreation is only provided by professionals that are trained and certified, registered, or licensed as a recreational therapist. It is shown that recreational therapy can manage strategies for dementia behaviors. About 1.5 million older adults are in nursing homes. These numbers are drastically increasing, which is concerning the appropriate recreational therapy programs with individuals would have dementia related behaviors. Leisure is a basic human need, but unfortunately people with dementia have a low activity rate because of physical and cognitive restrictions. With these individuals not being able to participate in leisure activities they soon get agitated real quick due to being by themselves and by being bored. In February 2002, the American Therapeutic Recreation Association had a meeting discussing the issue of dementia patients not being able to participate in any type of activities like…show more content…
It combines with the midrange theory and prescriptive practice theory. This theory leds treatments as a trial and error approach. The Dementia Practice Guidelines, which the ATRA made, let recreational therapists offer many different options that follow an assessment, prescription, treatment, and the outcome of the individual with dementia. That document includes 10 assessment tools, 82 recreational therapy procedures, and evidence supporting the intervention. These guidelines are the same for any physician as well as a recreational

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