Lin Yutang Theory Of Translation

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Translation is a verb as well as a noun in Chinese. It is a self-improvement thing. If you think it is difficult to do, actually, it’s very easy. On the contrary, it 's very hard if you say it’s simple. Since the ancient times, countless people have made unremitting efforts to translation, and make great or small contributions. In the past, I thought the work of translation is great, whether it sounded or looked. But since learning translation for major, even though I have learned a little now, I still feel that the work is very glamorous for looking, but the translators have to devote a lot of time and energy to it. For translation, it is not only necessary to master another language and understand its political, economic and cultural background, but also to deepen the understanding of the native language. If you have both of them, you can convey cultural information better. So every translator is great and honorable, and they convey the culture that allows people from different regions to read the same book and understand the same culture. Here I would like to introduce a translator who I admire very much. ---- Lin Yutang.…show more content…
The reasons? Lin Yutang has a solid foundation in Chinese classical literature and a high level of English, so his translation works can switch between two languages easily. He is very loyal to the original text and his choice of words in translation, which is easier for ordinary people to accept. In his essay About Translation, Lin Yutang expounded his own understanding and attitude to translation from several angles, and put forward his three translation standards, includes faithfulness, smooth and beauty. He regards translation as an art, whose thoughts have the features of original and prep

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