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Des: Yoga has many particular benefits to human’s health. People who can maintain a yoga routine can obtain a better health condition than those who do not.

In the recent years, yoga has proved its role in human’s life, especially to those who pay much attention to their health. People in modern society have many methods to get their physical condition better. Some choose to go to the gym where they can be under training courses of a dedicated trainer and a strict schedule; some others choose to push themselves into a routine of running or jogging for hours everyday. The others, however, pick for themselves a method, which has been believed and also proved to have not only good impact on physical health but also have amazing effect on mental health making people feel better from the inside, thus be able to create more productivity. That is Yoga.
There are many components that are included in yoga. Yoga teaches people what to eat, how to eat, a lot of poses (from easy ones to hard ones) to improve body shape, posture. It even teaches people the correct way to breathe which is the very basic activity of every living creature.
Actually, if we take a serious notice, everybody is totally different. It is not simply about the appearance or the
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We are told that processed food is not good for our health by any means. But we usually consume them, anyway. We all know that we should not eat processed food, such as: chips, snacks, soda, hamburger, etc. despite their convenience. We are still young; neither our body nor our health is (or really little) negatively influenced by unhealthily eating. However, think about when we get older, think about how our body will react when we reach an age that our body no longer functions well? The point here is that we should eat freshly cooked food rather than those which are cooked and kept for several days. Not only the fresh ones will taste better but they also bring us more

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