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Page 1 of 7 Alexis NanthanongMrs. PerezBusiness 101March 6, 2018Lululemon AthleticaLululemon Athletica is a Canadian athletic apparel retailer. Founded in 1998 in beautifulVancouver, Canada, lululemon is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running,training and most other sweaty pursuits. As a dynamic and growing global brand, the companyinvests in sustainable business and mindful practices to ensure highest ethical and businessstandards, and create value and positive impact for a healthy future and resilient brand.Thecompany makes a variety of types of athletic wear, including performance shirts, shorts, andpants, as well as lifestyle apparel and yoga accessories. They have a quality promise policyguaranteeing products that will…show more content…
They provide yoga service programs to reach deep into communities to support resilienceand healing. From school programs that give kids the tools to focus their minds, to classes thatunite people who have sustained injury or illness, or who are coping with the long-term effects ofviolence and conflict, these programs make yoga and meditation accessible to a wide variety ofunique communities. The Here to Be program is designed to support, unite and amplify the workof the yoga service community. We partner with best-in-class nonprofit organizations globallywho make the healing benefits of yoga and meditation accessible to all. Each year, we grant tolocal organizations through our global network of stores, and invest in national and internationalprograms that create access at scale. Our focus is on creating a community of practice with ournetwork of partners so that yogis and practitioners can share resources, trainings and bestpractices to realize our collective impact.The trend of living a lifestyle that is athletic and mindful is something that is global,that’s across gender—it’s actually across generations. The CEO of Lululemon commented onwhere will the brand’s growth come from in the years to come and he said, “We’re positioning ina unique way at the intersection of mindfulness and sweating. When we think about our 10-yearvision, we think about touching the lives of a billion people. When we think about the growthtrajectory, the sky is really the limit. We’ve got this very productive network of stores. And then,in the past year and a half, we’ve leapfrogged from not having any digital strategy, really notengaging or knowing our guests intimately through the use of technology, to having this digitalnetwork that provides incredible air cover to our stores. Now you take that outside NorthAmerica, you become a global brand, and you take that beyond women to the men’s market. Wehave a five-year goal of doubling our revenue and more than doubling our earnings.

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