Zombieland Mise-En-Scene Analysis

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“Mise-en-scene was originally a French theatrical term meaning “placing on stage.” The phrase refers to the arrangement of all the visual elements of a theatrical production within a given playing area-the stage. (Giannetti 47)” Zombieland utilizes formalism in a unique way throughout the whole film. Not only is the concept portrayed through the kinetics in which the zombies display, but also the way in which the main characters travel throughout their days in order to stay alive. Analyzing the mise-en-scene of Tallahassee protecting Columbus from a massive zombie in the movie Zombieland revels that Tallahassee is willing to protect Columbus in a near death situation. While examining the still shot my attention focuses on the dominant, which…show more content…
As Tallahassee sizes up with a zombie he creates an escape for Columbus shows great integrity and strength. The depth within this scene seems to be up for some interpretation; because noticeably Columbus has to be sliding somewhere out of the way for instance it could be the next isle. The only true way out of the scene in my opinion is to go down the same way the zombie came as long as he gets killed beforehand, which explains that the framing of this scene is tight because the only way to escape is to kill the zombie or get past it. Besides the zombies isle there does not look like much room for movement with this shot. All in all the supermarket scene provides a decent amount of clarity as to who the strangers are and how far people are willing to go when an apocalypse breaks out. Evaluating the mise-en-scene of Tallahassee exhibiting an incredible amount of strength and bravery for a stranger in the movie Zombieland provides the audience with enough information to determine what Tallahassee is willing to do for Columbus during a highly intense scene. Being able to pick apart different aspects of a single shot helps the audience focus on what the filmmakers want them to learn from their film. From the dominant characters to the colors depicted in a certain scene, everything matters to the

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