Ethical Codes And The Five Characteristics Of The Army Profession

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The Army Profession is professional organization built on 239 years of traditions and belief that service to the nation and its people is greater than one’s self. The Army has evolved and changed over the course of its history. Through lessons learned from past conflicts, the Army as adapted and implemented changes to its doctrines to develop professional soldiers, educate, train soldiers as we fight and collectively prepare the Army for any future conflicts. This essay, from a soldier point of view, glances at the Army culture and the pillars which make up the foundation of the Army Profession; it explores the ethical codes and the five essential characteristics of the Army Profession: Military Expertise, Honorable Service, Trust, Esprit de Corps and Stewardship (ADRP1, 2013). Living by these specific sets of values and principles is what makes the Army Profession unique and set it apart from any other Professions. Professionals who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend the United States and what she symbolizes. THE ARMY PROFESSION The Army has for the past 13 plus years fighting multiple wars and it has profound significant influences our Army for the past decade. In the face of so many challenges and failures, soldiers have demonstrated great strengths and resilience by determination and adaptability and their …show more content…

Trust is the foundation of our Profession, it the most important character of our profession, and without it, our profession will not exist and be irrelevant to our society. Trust lays the groundwork and bonds the Army as a profession with the American people. Commitment to the core values and moral principles enable us to perform our duty daily in a trustworthy and efficient manner, which is vital to keeping the relationship and sacred trust we have with the American

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