Trust In Tom Tanski's The Little Prince

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Trust is something that is very important in our everyday lives. It can help get a promotion or a job at the workplace. It can help build and strengthen relationships among friends. It can create and hold friendships with anybody. Everybody wants to be trusted, because it makes life easier. Consistent liars find it much harder to accomplish tasks because people will probably assume that they are not telling the truth. Being truthful can also help with things such as anxiety because the less someone lies, the less they have to worry about them being caught not telling the truth. Trust is something that is universally important to every single individual in existence. Tom Tanski is a very logical, intellectual, and wise individual. He is somebody who I admire greatly and often learn a large amount of wisdom from. For these reasons and, I decided for him to be my subject for the interview I conducted …show more content…

The first major chronological example of this is when the Little Prince’s rose was being deceptive to him by fake coughing and pretending to be sick whenever she wanted his attention. When this information was learned by the Little Prince, he could no longer trust the rose, and eventually he left the planet. As well as this, the significance of truthfulness is shown later in the story when the Little Prince is visiting the nearby asteroids, and meets several adults. However, the only one he likes is the lamplighter. This is because he is the most honest and kind, which is why the Little Prince respects and likes him to such a high regard. So as shown by Tom, official universities, people who have experience on how to make people happy, and the novella, The Little Prince, trust is something that is absolutely essential and maintaining and building relationships, acquiring friends, makes you more likable, and overall, makes you a happier

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