The Role Of Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Practice

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Many times nurses are faced with dilemmas at work. Whether due to culture or a difference of values, patients need to be treated individually, and with respect. This paper will discuss an ethical dilemma I faced during my nursing practice. Furthermore how the family perceived the dilemma, conflicting values and beliefs held by me and the family, and the data that was missing. Lastly the definition of culturally congruent care.
An ethical dilemma I encountered at work was while working as a hospice nurse. I was called by the hospital staff for a Hispanic male in the ICU dying. The wife was quiet and my conversation was with the daughters. The patient had been battling cancer for many years and now was dying in the hospital. The ICU had provided aggressive care including CPR for a cardiac arrest. He was now unresponsive, intubated, and unable to be oxygenated adequately, on multiple pressers, with no further treatment options. After explaining hospice fully they said they wanted to talk to other companies and would get back with me. I was confused and knew this man would not last long before coding again.
I knew their culture had beliefs such as outcomes are Gods will, the father is the head of the household that makes most decisions, and they favor an aggressive type of care at end of life (Fosler, Fogg, Staffileno, & Omahony, 2015). …show more content…

This type of care provides satisfaction and creates positive outcomes (Pacquiao, 2015). Strategies for non-English speaking individuals should include an interpreter for translation, materials in their language, being a patient advocate to ensure your patient understands fully (Bixby, 2009). Additionally showing respect and sensitivity to your patient’s needs, values, and beliefs. Having the ability to modify and be flexible in the care you provide to create personized care (Arbour, Kaspar, & Teall,

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