Ethical Expectations In Professional Sports

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As a coach, I believe that there are a lot of ethical expectations I have for myself and for my players. Many of these expectations are the same for both me and the players, but the way they are applied can be slightly different. I believe that both players and coaches should always strive to do what is right both on the field and off it. Everyone involved can do this by living certain values and characteristics that will bring out the greatness in people. I will live through the values I preach as a coach in a very cooperative style. This means that I will be sure to have players contribute to how things are done on the team and I will give them a voice. I think this is crucial in the development of players. Having players be personally invested …show more content…

A coach should work hard to improve their players’ athletic abilities but be willing to take the time to stress the importance of being a good person. A coach has such a unique opportunity to reach kids through sports and should use their platform to prepare and develop kids for lives outside of sports. Coaches can do this by expecting certain ethical behaviors and by relating the sport to life. There are many metaphors that relate sports to life and they should be used to help athletes understand how they can use the valuable lessons from the sport they play to be better people. My baseball coach would often compare how baseball relates to life. He would talk about how baseball is one of the only sports where you are expected to fail more than you succeed. Some of the best hitters in the game’s history never even got close to having a .500 batting average. Our coach would talk about how this teaches somebody to learn how to overcome failures and move on which is a great thing to be able to do in life. There are countless other life lessons that come from every sport and a coach needs to help players understand those lessons to be able to take something away from the game that they can use

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