Ethical Issues In Sports That Professionals Need To Know

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Have you ever wondered what really goes on in professional sports? Have you ever wondered how the players get from team to team? Have you ever wondered how the professional athletes get paid so much money? Well all of these questions will be answered when learning what sports managers really do. For professional sports teams, managers deal with coaches and trainers to be sure the athlete has the resources he needs to meet his potential (“Sport Management Review”). A few must have skills to be a sports manager are people skills, communication skills, organization skills, decision-making skills, team work, and a strong value system (“4 Ethical Issues in Sports That Professionals Need to Know”). According to this guide, “Sports management is a…show more content…
There are many responsibilities that a sports manager has in his day to day job, this causes stress. According to leaf group, Sports management covers many aspects of the sports industry. Many ethical issues arise, causing stress (Leaf Group). The manager of the sports team is basically like the key to the team. They have to do it all and that is not a very easy thing to handle. When doing your job as a sports manager you will encounter that there is very many ethical problems that you will have to solve and that puts a lot of pressure on you because it is very hard to solve these problems. In the passage it states, Some of the day-to-day issues that you will encounter is decision making. Decision making can cause a lot of stress and cause you to get behind on your work (“Contemporary Issues In Sports Management A Critical Introduction”). A very important skill that you need as a sports manager is decision making. This skill…show more content…
Learn to manage the time that you have by being very organized (Mathews et al.) Organization is a very important skill to have when becoming a sports manager. If you are organized then you can get your work done much faster than if your stuff is all over the place and you 're a mess. So if you want to be good at your job then organization is the best way to go. Organization is the key to solving the stressful problems of being a sports manager.

Sports management is not an easy job, it takes many skills and a lot of knowledge about the sport you are in. In this field as I’ve explained you need to have many skills to help you get your tasks done. To avoid all the easily stressful things in sports management you need to be very organized. Do you think that you are capable of being a sports
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