Examples Of Characterization In Fahrenheit 451

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Personalities in Characters Everyone has certain characteristics which makes them who they are. Being funny, intelligence, or ignorant are a few. This also applies to book characters. Many of the characters from Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, have different personalities such as knowledge and ignorance. Ignorance is seen within everyone at different times. Ignorance means to not know or remember information acquired. Mildred and her friends represent ignorance because of how they agree with false information and cannot remember the right ones. When Mildred invited her friends over Montag read them poetry, they replied by saying, “’Poetry and tears, poetry and suicide, crying, and awful feelings, poetry and sickness”’ (Bradbury 97). Mildred and her friends believe that reading anything that causes emotion to come out is bad. Mildred’s friends voted for their president based on how handsome he was compared to the other candidate, “’I think he’s one of the nicest looking men to become president”’ (Bradbury 93). They didn’t vote for the good of the country. Mildred and her friends are defiantly ignorant and this is proven in their actions. Knowledge is a common theme throughout the noel. It first manifests itself with the character of Faber to Granger. Bradbury …show more content…

When he first made his shift this came to his mind, “’It took some man a lifetime maybe to put some of his thoughts down, looking around at the world and life and then I came along in two minutes and boom! It’s all over”’ (Bradbury 49). Montag is saying that he regrets becoming a fireman and burning down someone’s hard work just so no one can learn. As Montag learns more he states, “’Nobody listens anymore. I can’t talk because they’re yelling at me”’ (Bradbury 93). Montag finally realizes for himself what his society has become. He has learned that people are unintelligent and they may believe

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