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Country Kitchen Ideas

What is Modern Country?

If you want a country look for your kitchen you are probably thinking about a twig chandelier and roosters and geese on the counter. You envision fabric curtains with a fruit motif.

But country style has evolved to a more simple idea that uses textures, organic finishes and classic shapes to define the design. It is about using the traditional materials in a modern way, without all the embellishments and extra details that create clutter in a room.

It takes a cue from European country elements of plain stone work surfaces, wood floors and classic finishes and paint colors. There is lack of clutter and ornamentation and you feel like every element has a purpose for being in the room, not just
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The island counter is a honed slate while the counter around the sink is a quartz stone in a simple texture. The cabinets are designed for an unfitted look, giving you the idea of a kitchen that has evolved over time. The narrow china cabinet holds a lot of items, making up for the lack of upper cabinets. Baskets add a rustic but useful storage option. Pine wood floors give the room a warm country feel while the stainless appliances add the modern touch.

Looking for something a bit more traditional country? This kitchen has it all. The rich milk paint cabinets give the room a warm family atmosphere.

There are many decorative elements in the room with a country touch.Even the small backsplash has two different textures. The preverbial rooster is there on the counter stating clearly that this is a country kitchen.

If you like this look go for it but make sure you have a common element such as a color scheme to pull it all together.

This rustic room has all the elements of country decor without all the theme elements. It’s simple lines and weathered finishes speak to country living at it’s most basic.

To achieve this look use cabinets with a weathered finish, or paint your existing cabinets. Use honed marble, granite, slate or soapstone for the counters for a timeless

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