Examples Of Cultural Taxonomies

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As of recently more and more studies have been set in place to understand the differences of other cultures and how they operate according to different social problems or how they relate to one another. Moreover studies show that there are areas that these cultures can be categorized into. Movies, specifically on the topic of or the focusing of cultures different from our own cultures, some can see how cultures have their own thought patterns. When we can see the distinction and draw connections from them, we learn how people go about their lives. A prime example is the movie Bend It Like Beckham where the main character, being affiliated with Indian culture, interacts with the culture of the British lifestyle.
Of the major cultural taxonomies, Hofstede 's Power Distance and Individual versus Collectivism will be focused on with accordance to the film Bend It Like Beckham. These taxonomies will be seen on the British, Indian, and other cultures of the world. The workings of his power distance taxonomy and individualistic versus collectivist as seen through the lenses of these cultures. How in-debt these taxonomies go or in other words the scale on which they follow these thoughts.

Cultural Taxonomies That are Found in Movies
Cultural taxonomies can be seen in everything through our actions, relate upon, and perceive or watch. Specific movies tend to show the difference on these cultures and the way they operate under certain situations. An example of the movies

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