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In today’s society, fashion trends have become recently popular and well known among individuals’. Of course, both females and males have trends and designers that they follow for their stylish inspiration. But the latest trends hitting the stores have been targeted greatly toward the male population. Some of the recent trends among women have come down to pencil skirts and trench coats, while the recent trends for men has become yellow suits and bright reflective pants. It has always been recognized that females have a better desire and understanding of trends and how to dress stylish, but we are learning through famous designers’ men can dress just as nice and understand styling tips just as well as women do.

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People who study fashion and advance into a career regarding fashion probably will say that old fads and trends are reemerge after several years. This year, this is becoming very true. The double tie trend is making an entrance yet again. This trend is simply where two ties are knotted together to create one tie that is very simple, yet elegant and fashionable. Prada has been a big brand creating and allowing old trends such as bucket hats for men, and black nylon jackets, bags, and hats. Italy is a well-known fashion capital of the world and although they may dress different in that country, their fads still continue to originate into the United States. Coming out of Italy comes the known pinstriped suits and calfskin brogues. The trends coming from Italy have become more cross-culturally available to other parts of the world, including the United States. Pitto Uomo has now become a central location in New York where people can gather and look at upcoming and past trends in the fashion world. They are now beginning to host a fashion show particularly targeted towards though who have a passion for brining back old trends. In hopes of allowing this fashion show to go on in a “fashion capital” of the world, controversy is being created, but the founders are hoping to create awareness of other trends around the world. Mr.
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