Aphrodite Greek Analysis

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UXT Task 2 Austin Olooaringo (ID# 000556089) Western Governors University Work: Alexandros of Antioch, Venus de Milo, c. 130−100 BC Period: classical Period A1. Initial Thoughts My initial thought was the display of feminine beauty and grace as seen from an artist perspective dating back in time. The goddess Aphrodite is a sculptural elegance that has continued to fascinate the art world and remains relevant from the time of its discovery on the island of Melos around 1820. Her posture and demeanor reflect confidence of her personality and womanhood. A2. Aspect of Interest An aspect of interest would be her provocative posture reflecting her confidence. Her half-naked stance, exposing her sensual and feminine curves while barely clod in a drapery that falls to her hips, might be her way of embracing her confidence and beauty. B1. Historical Context A historical event that occurred during this period was the Greek war …show more content…

The people believed in the worship of multiple gods, a polytheistic society. Most Greeks and Romans were deeply loyal to the gods they worshipped and tended to find inspiration from their worship of gods and muses. Hence their love for their sculptures of curvy naked ladies, tales of mythology because of the taboos attached to them and the freedom to choose their religion of Gods or deities. (MindEdge, 2014). B4. Relevance of the Work There partially clod goddess fashion statement can be equated to today’s fashion world, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, like the old days, men still adorned women with the beautiful garments and still idolize their confidence and beauty. The fashion industry has taken over the industry and are able to determine what is the fashion relevant to today. They have revolutionized the industry to include products of beauty, exercises to perceive what is beautiful C. Effect of Analysis on

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