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1.1 Background

The Baroque was the period of artistic style and exaggerated motion. This Era was all about exuberance, drama and grandeur in all forms of art. The style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe (Fargis1998, p.262). In spite of being originated in the 17th century Baroque fashion has made a very strong comeback in the fashion realm. The Baroque period was all about exuberance drama and grandeur According to Cogsworth, ‘If it 's not Baroque, don 't fix it!’ (The Beauty and the Beast, 1991). The fashion industry seems to be inspired by the baroque fashion and this can be clearly seen in either the silhouettes of the garments or the bold and glorious prints. Fall/winter runway collection 2012of designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Balmain are a celebration of Italian spirituality and grandeur (Davidson, 2012). Luxe materials, brocade, exaggerated silhouettes, lace. Etc. …show more content…

This research will help in understanding more about the intricate details of baroque fashion and how it is inspiring the contemporary designers.

1.3 SCOPE AND …show more content…

• The upper class used Linen for undergarments.
• The upper class used velvet, brocade and silk for outer garments.
• The lower class used wool for outer garments.
• The upper class wore pastel and bright colors. They preferred floral patterns and stripes.
• The lower class wore light, dingy shades because they could not afford dyes that would give a pure color.
• The middle class wore dark and black colors as a symbol of wealth.
• Fashion for men was more elaborate than women.
• Middle class were morally conservative and wanted to dress like royalty.
• Lower class dressed according to their occupation. (Barton,M n.d)

3.2.1 WOMEN’S

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