Similarities Between Ancient Rome And Modern America

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People in Ancient Rome and people in Modern America have many aspects of life that relate and differ. The things people do influences the way that they live their life. The way people lived in the time when Julius Caesar was alive is very different than the way most people live today. The lives of people in Ancient Rome and the lives of people in Modern America are similar and different in their social classes, what they did for entertainment, and the way people treated each other. The social class of people in Ancient Rome is similar and different in comparison to Modern America. In Ancient Rome there is an upper class and a lower class. In Modern America we have an upper class, middle class, and a lower class. In Modern America we have one more class than people in Ancient Rome did. In Ancient Rome the upper class was for people involved in politics and economics. People in the lower class were commoners, slaves, foreigners, and many other groups of people. In Modern …show more content…

In Modern America for entertainment people go to the movies, football games, go outdoors to enjoy nature, or just hang out with friends on the weekends. In Ancient Rome people would go to the Colosseum where people would fight till their opponent was dead. It was very gruesome, which is what the crowd liked most about the fighting. The people in the crowd would cheer when they saw something they liked. Today in Modern America people are not allowed to fight or kill others or else they could go to jail, especially if they fight in public, the person they injured could press charges on them. People in Modern America also like to watch television for entertainment, and it is very common in most households. There was no television in Ancient Rome for people to watch. People in Ancient Rome went to theaters to watch plays. Some people in Modern America also go to theaters to see plays for

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