Examples Of Institutionalized Discrimination

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What is institutionalized discrimination? According to our book it is a process that happens when the discrimination is “part of the way a social structure normally operates” (A/T). Discrimination by itself is behaviors that individuals condone and discrimination can be a single act. In my opinion, institutionalized discrimination is when an entire society (or any system) works together to negatively impact a group of people’s daily lives simply because they are a member of that group. I mentioned in the midterm that oppression is like a birdcage. If there is just one person with prejudicial attitude then escape is possible, but when the entire society begins to take on those prejudicial ideas it turns into a cage that traps you. In my opinion institutional discrimination is much more repressive than a birdcage. It allows for unjust acts like not promoting someone, not giving someone the education they deserve or even killing someone because of what they look like or because they are a part of a certain group. Because of this, I view …show more content…

That lag effect is a complete different form of institutionalized discrimination. It is normally unintentional. The best form of that is the United States educational system. Our education system aims to be equal for all. However, all it really does is dishearten members of minority groups. An example of that disheartening is the lack of quality education for poverty areas. Another example is when test questions are inadvertently worded so that majority group members will understand them easier/better. United States schools are “insensitive to the distinctive culture of a minority population” (A/T). This is an example of institutionalized discrimination because it isn’t just single discriminatory acts it is an entire system (the school system) working against a minority group to discourage

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