Examples Of Justice In The Crucible

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“Ethical principles [……] are subjective, emotional commitments that cannot be judged right or wrong. Ideas such as justice or moral good are only the expressions of arbitrary personal preferences and are no more rational than a person’s preference for one kind of beer over” – Timothy Sandefur. In the “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, a small village named Salem is caught in the midst of a storm of threats and accusations. The little town was originally riled up by the peculiar [account?] of several girls from the town and a slave dancing together in the woods. In order to save themselves from any punishments, the girls and their main leader, Abigail, begin to accuse people of forcing them to go in the woods by using witchcraft on them. This leads to pandemonium as the individuals accused can either push the blame onto others by saying that they too did these …show more content…

The ideal judge is someone who is capable to thoroughly listen to an account whether criminal or civil, keep a level head throughout the testimony of events, and weigh the circumstances in order to reach a proper verdict. Today’s judges have ethical standard of which they have to comply with and are forced to learn how to regulate their emotions during trial. Also, if a decision of a judge is shown to be questionable or incorrect, it’s possible to have that decision to be changed when it is taken to a higher authority or court. However in the Crucible, justice was determined by the judge Hawthorne and the Deputy Governor Danforth and the law was the Bible. These two individuals were the central authority of the town and have no “check” when making decision, basically what they say goes. Without having a “check” in place for the judges, it is difficult to determine if they make their decisions entirely from a subjective or objective standpoint.

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