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Market analysis is carry out before starting our business to aid in segmenting the markets, targeting the potential consumers and understanding the potential consumers’ behavior in buying process. In our business, we apply the customer-driven marketing strategy as a direction to targeting our market. In market segmentation, we focus on the segmenting consumer markets which divide the whole market into smaller consumer segments with same distinct needs, characteristics and behaviors. Hence, our target market is the students and staffs in University Malaysia Sarawak who are neglecting their breakfast because of the lack of time in the early morning, lack of cooking creativity or disinterest in preparing breakfast. The motivation that affect…show more content…
The attitude of others may be influence the purchase intention of the customers. For example, if someone important to customer thinks that the customer should buy a breakfast set but not only buy the sandwich or curry puff from kiosk, then the chances for the customer to buy the breakfast set form us is higher. Besides that, the unexpected situational factors also affect the purchase decision of the customers. For instances, the close competitor such as kiosk might drop the product’s price or a friend might report being disappointed in our breakfast set, then the chances for the customer to buy our breakfast is…show more content…
Our strong competitors is the Kiosk that sell variety food and beverages. Kiosk have many supplier to supply the variety of foods to them and directly provide more choices to students and staffs. The products that sell at the kiosk such as laksa, burger, nugget, sandwich, curry puff and others. The strength of kiosk is that they already have the loyal customers since they operated more than one year. Kiosk also no need to put effort in promoting their products because they have a strategic location which located at the main street along the faculties. Hence, students and staffs easily and convenient to buy the food and beverages in kiosk. Bazaar is a market consisting of a street lined stalls to sell different types of products. Bazaar may enter into University Malaysia Sarawak campus for a week and mostly sell the foods and beverages. Bazaar is the strong competitor that may enter the market to divide the market share in campus and reduces the sales profit of the existing stalls. The strength of the bazaar is selling many special and rarely foods in campus that can attract the interest and attention of students and staffs. Hence, as the bazaar enter the campus, students normally purchase the food and beverages at

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