Apple's Target Market Research

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This report will be based on targeting customers groups and marketing mix based on Apple. I will explain in what way and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products in Apple. I will explain the particular group of consumers which Apple would be targeting their products at.
Apple is an American world-wide technology corporation that sell up-to-date technology to its customers. Apple stores and branches sell Macintosh also known as MAC electronic products and accessories. The products which Apple sells are Mac Computers, IPhones, IPad and IPod. They have different selections of their products in sizes, colours, storages and different models of them starting from the oldest to the newest IPhone X. Apple has 498 retail stores in
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Businesses can attract and identify their customers and target market by understanding customers’ needs and wants, also understanding the welfares of their products. There are many ways to identify customers in a consumer market and some of them ways or methods could be using research such as primary & secondary where the business would find out key information based on their customers and also primary research is done by the business whereas secondary research is done already and can be found easily. Businesses can also use socio-economic climate which is when the information is based on their target market allowing the business to put their customers in different types which is called market segmentation. Different target groups are chosen for different products or services as they have different needs and wants from each other where they require different products or services for example; age groups as old people would have different requirements compared to teenagers as they would prefer simple products and technologies whereas teenagers are into advance and new technologies or services which meets their…show more content…
This is when Apple has stores and branches across the world which is geographic segmentation because their outlets are located in high populated cities where they can serve their customers easily and providing products and services which meet their expectations. On the other hand, Apple’s stores are mainly based in populated regions such city centres, shopping centres, airports and many more areas which are busy and crowded with customers. This business has official websites and online existences across the world. This business has stores in city and shopping centres as it attracts audiences because everywhere they walk would see Apple advertisements on their new products or services which makes this business is visible and ahead of their rivals in the market and in the competition. This business locates its stores in high populated cities because they aim for high income and rich customers as they would be aware that those customers would be willing to pay high prices for their products or services where this business leads the competition with high profits and market share. This business has stores in airports and the reason behind this is that it can target foreigners into purchasing their product as they would be attracted with their advertisements and offers.
Chart on the left insinuates Apple geographic segmentation as you can see that this business outlets and
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