Examples Of Traumatic Events In Ender's Game

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Traumatic Events On occasion there are things that can change a person, called a traumatic event. A traumatic event, as defined by Health Line, is an incident that causes either physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm to oneself (“What Are Traumatic Events?: HealthLine”). This occurs in the novel, Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card in which a dystopian world is brought to justice with the annihilation of a whole alien species, by one child. Within the contents of this text, Card illustrates how traumatic events will change a person, sometimes changing for the better. He achieves this message through his main character, Ender Wiggin. This is shown most importantly, once Ender realizes that he has been lied to, and manipulated into killing off an entire alien species, without even knowing what he has done. It is after this very traumatic childhood experience that Card illustrates how Ender decides to be the better person, by deciding that he will tell nothing but the truth, and becoming the Speaker for the Dead. This interpretation is most important because it tells the reader that not all bad, and traumatic things have to end up so horrible as everyone tends to think; oneself would only have to try to make the best of the particular situation to change themselves for the better. Now it will be explained how Ender decides to tell nothing but the truth. First, Card illustrates how traumatic events can affect a person for the better when Ender
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