Existentialism In Maugham's Creatures Of Circumstances

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Maugham’s Creatures of Circumstances, represents the Modern age characteristics of English society in the twentieth century. Since Creatures of Circumstances is neither any social tract nor any collection of reformative essays. It is a piece of literature containing fictional plots and controversial story lines which allows every reader to draw out meaning according to their understanding. In his short story collection, he focused on human psyche, individuality and particularly the gender issues, which depicts the environment of Modern English society. The themes in his short stories were projected through his characters, their action and their language, which emphasized psychological issues: depression, personality disorder, passion, existentialist…show more content…
She does not allow her son to marry a woman when he does so she keeps herself depressed with the loss of son. She thinks of Miss Bevan a money sucker who marries her son only to fulfill her financial needs. In between the lines the text gives notion that Mrs. Subury can be categorize in the same row with La Cachirra, none of them was ready to let their sons marry and live a normal life. Their abnormal passion for their sons leads to permanent disorder in the lives of sons and the women who belonged to them. These two stories contain the theme of incest, unacceptable passion, children possession, and jealousy with other…show more content…
The fact is considerable that his authorial presence in the stories works actively with a character’s thought process and dialogue delivery. Mostly his point of view could be seen as differently as that of a character’s opinion yet it remains connected with the story. In a story, multi narratives have been placed precisely to create interest. The purpose of narrative frame is to deliver variety of viewpoints and various perspectives, while this technique gives authenticity to the story. Mostly he gives chance to unreliable narrator to speak up. Therefore, readers could never see the story through transparent lens. As George narrates the story with a male biasness, and does not let a single chance to degrade his wife. The readers require to struggle with the story by reading between the lines to explore the hidden message of author. Sometimes he gives chance to a character to be his mouth piece and process his idea in a dialogue or through an action. As in two of the stories he has used Ned Preston as his spokesman who works as an unconcerned

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