Explain How To Make Appropriate Preparations Before Engaging In A Conversation With A Difficult Person

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Student Surname Professor’s Name Unit Name Date Discussion Questions DQ1. It is important to make appropriate preparations before engaging in any conversation with a difficult person. An example of a difficult person can be one who tends to be defensive during conversations. Such people make it difficult to engage in successful conversations particularly where teamwork is involved. Where such is the case, it is important to prepare adequately to engage in a conversation with such individuals if desirable outcomes are to be achieved. This can be achieved in three ways. First, one can develop a visualization of the direction the conversation is likely to take so as to institute appropriate measures to ensure that the conversation flows to a…show more content…
Visualization ensures that one trains the mind to be realistic and focused on what is achievable (Ridge Associates, 1). Secondly, one can engage a neutral party whom he or she can have a mock conversation with in an effort to understand the issues that are likely to arise and further complicate the conversation (Lewicki, Barry and Saunders, Pg). A mock conversation with neutral persons helps in the identification of the implications of various behaviours and statements in advance (Bush and Folger, 44). This is because neutral persons can offer objective feedback about one’s emotional status which can then be addressed before the actual conversation (Stone, Patton and Heen, 28). Moreover, having a mock conversation can help one identify particular facts objective statements that can positively influence how the other person will react during the actual conversation. Finally, one can ensure that he seeks the service of a mediator that has broad and desirable experience in handling individuals who are difficult to engage during conversations (Lewicki, Barry and Saunders, 61). Individuals who are experienced in handling difficult conversations can assist one to determine the right thing to

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