Essay On Outsiders

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At my elementary school, there was a big field right next to the playground where my male peers would play football. I always wanted to join their game and try to play, so they put me on a team to be nice to be nice but they never hurled the ball to me. This was because I am a girl and they believed girls couldn’t correctly play football, little did they know this made me feel as invisible as a ghost. This is a common feeling for a lot of innocuous kids because they don’t fit in. An outsider is what these kids are called. An outsider is someone who is judged and treated differently because of their social class, race, or abnormality. First reason kids and adults are outsiders is because of their social class. My friend Maria got left out of a lot of groups and activities because her demure mom worked at a fast food restaurant so she didn’t have expensive shoes and clothes like the others. This just made me want to be friends with her because she was grateful for everything she got unlike the…show more content…
My cousin Bethany always got disgusted stares because she was born with no arm. People always made fun of her for it and would sit a mile away from her. In the story "The Worst Birthday from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" J.K Rowling wrote "Harry Potter was a wizard..." Harry lived with humans who treated him like he was a tree that could tip over any second. Bethany was disregarded while at school and had no friends. It was like she was a piece of glass before it shattered. In the text "The Worst Birthday from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" it states "...pretending I'm not there..." This is how kid's family’s, peers, or teachers treat them through their life if they aren’t normal and don’t look like everyone else. Bethany was always bullied and hit like a piñata. She was a strong girl but it’s not always the case some kids aren’t as tough and don’t grow up to achieve their
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