Explain Why Juveniles Should Be Trialed As Adults

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Juveniles should be trialed as adults because they cannot commit more crime when they are in jail, hey cannot commit worse crimes, and itm is safer for the community. I think that juveniles who are under 18 should get trialed as adults. In 2012 the supreme court ruled that Juveniles under the age of 18 can not receive a life sentence or be put to death without parole (lauck). But what if some one under 18 committed a crime that a 23 year old committed why should one get life or be put to death while the other one gets a smack on the wrist and gets away scot free, the under aged person can be just as bad as someone who is over 18. I think that juveniles under the age of 18 should be trialed as adults My reason for why I think that juveniles should be trialed as adults is when the juvenile gets out in 6 years after he/she committed a first degree murder which he should have gotten life for, who to say that he won't commit another …show more content…

A 17 year old made the decision to drive drunk and killed an innocent live and since he can't get life in jail or be put to death he will get out in a few years, and what does this mean for the community, who's to say that he won't make another dumb decision that could kill someone else or himself. If juveniles who killed someone were sentenced to life in jail or sentenced to death it would make the community safer because then they will know that someone who has done something extremely bad wouldn't be able to do anything like that ever again, it would be safer the community and the citizens within it. When they get out of jail they can get mad at someone and possibly kill them, i think that when the supreme court made the rule that juveniles under 18 cannot be put to death or have a life sentence they should have also thought of peoples safety not about how anyone under 18 has their whole life ahead of

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