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Extended Writing Project Prompt and Directions:
Write a literary analysis in which you compare and contrast the text about Gandhi with the text about Mandela to determine which is more convincing in presenting and supporting the claim that this individual was a great defender of justice and human rights. Analyze the reasons and evidence presented in the text as well as the language that is used to describe the individual’s words, actions, and accomplishments. Then decide which writer was more persuasive in defending his claim about the impact this person had on human rights.
Response: You have probably lived your whole life, not appreciating how much freedom you truly have. This was not the case for the people of India and South Africa. Instead of freedom, they had oppression. They had to earn their freedom with the help of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Both of these men had something written about them. Whether it was a autobiography or eulogy they both discussed the accomplishments of the two men. Even though the “Eulogy of Mahatma Gandhi” more convincing in who was a more successful human rights …show more content…

Gandhi had helped the people of India gain rights through peaceful protests. After Gandhi’s death, a close friend of his wrote his eulogy, “The Eulogy of Mahatma Gandhi.” In the text it states that he was a, “man with divine fire.” Being called divine means he was seen as god-like by the people of India. Probably because he had saved them all from Britain's rule. When he died, all over, “India there is a feeling of having been left desolate and forlorn.” It was as though they were left to, “shiver in the cold and dark.” They wanted to grieve over the man since, “ in a large measure he made this country.” He had also been able to, “attain to heights of sacrifice which in that particular domain have never been equaled elsewhere. “ This shows that the eulogy was more

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