External Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Topic: External Analysis of Cathedral
I. Raymond Carver was a famous short story writer. A. Raymond spent most of his young life in Yakima, Washington. 1. He his birth took place in Oregon on 1938. 2. Yakima was the place where his family moved to, on 1941. 3. He moved a lot in there too.
B. His family was a working-class. 1. His father was a saw-filer. 2. His mother took many hard jobs. 3. He helped his father’s work at the saw-mill. 4. He quit the job at the saw-mill when he married. C. He married early. 1. He married a pregnant 16 year-old girl Maryann Burk. 2. He was 18 years old when he married. 3. He had two children by the time he was 20. D. He studied literature and wrote poems and short stories. 1. He took
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There was inflation on U.S. Dollars. 2. People lost their jobs. 3. Many unfortunate events occurred. B. WWII took over the country. 1. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on 1941. 2. Manhattan Project was starting. 3. Pacific War took place. 4. World's first atomic bomb was tested. 5. Americans won the war. C. There were Cold War between the Soviet Union and U.S. 1. There was a nerve war between Capitalism and Communism. 2. People had fear on nuclear weapons. 3. Germany and Korea had to be divided because of the competition between those two big countries. D. People tried to diminish racism. 1. Civil Rights Movement occurred 2. Martin Luther King leaded the black people for their rights 3. Lyndon B. Johnson carried out “Great Society” to diminish racism. E. The effect of Vietnam War on the U.S. 1. The U.S. had a serious defeat on the war. 2. President Lyndon B. Johnson started the “Great Society” to diminish poverty and racism couldn’t invest enough money for it because of the war in Vietnam.
V. He was the greatest example of minimalism. A. He used a technique called minimalism.
1. It was seen in music, architects, fashion, philosophy, and literature after the WWII. 2. Its characteristics are very simple and
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