Extroverted Personality Type Essay

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The two personality types In trying to understand what makes a person behave, think, and react in a certain manner, psychologists teased out the science of a personality type. From their extensive research, they found various personality types in people. However, the two most essential personality types visibly manifesting in human beings are extroverted and introverted personality types (Pappas, 2013). These personality types are the foundation of humans’ interactions with the physical and abstract environment. The first personality type is the extroverted personality type and can be described as a person who largely receives energy from the outwardly or externally. This personality type often depends on the physical senses to receive information;…show more content…
For instance, individuals who are extroverts react spontaneously towards life orientations; therefore, the way they plan their lives is termed as perceptions. The learning attitude of the extroverted (E) personality type has been conceptualized as preferring discussion, movement, and action. A Sensing (S) extrovert has a preference for a gradual learning process while feeling (F) extroverts often satisfy their curiosity in every spectrum of life. Finally, a perceiving (P) extravert has a flare for maximum flexibility in the learning environment (Allman,…show more content…
This style of learning encourages individuals to learn together and check with others if what they have learned is accurately understood. Furthermore, interpersonal learning style systematically incorporates individuals of like minds into a team or group where they can thrive in their learning process. An essential characteristic of interpersonal learning style is the ability to help people socialize and make new friends (Pesce, n.d.). Obviously, individuals that have mastered how to use the interpersonal learning style find it relatively easy to communicate with a team and essentially work well in a group. It is, therefore, fair to conclude that the interpersonal learning style enables people to understand and assimilate new information, preferably when they learn with and in groups or with other

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