Kohn's Student-Directed Learning Theory Case Study

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1.5 Kohn’s Student Directed Learning Theory
Kohn’s student-directed learning theory is an approach to the classroom management which may be particularly effective in the modern classroom environment. Student-directed learning will keep students motivated and teaches them to cooperate with each other sharing responsibilities and functions within their community. Kohn believes that the ideal classroom emphasizes on curiosity and cooperation above all, and that the student’s curiosity should determine what is taught. "Skillful educators tap students ' natural curiosity and desire to become competent. In a learning environment, teachers want to help students engage with what they are doing to promote deeper understanding" (Kohn, 1997c).
The student-directed learning theory implies that the teacher should share the …show more content…

Cooperative learning model is an active process where students work in small teams/groups, each with students of different levels of ability, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject. Students have opportunities to actively participate in their learning, question and challenge each other, share and discuss their ideas, and adopt their learning. Ross and Smyth (1995) describe successful cooperative learning tasks as intellectually demanding, creative, open-ended, and involve higher order thinking tasks. In this model, it is essential to create a positive climate where interpersonal skills can be promoted so that positive emotions will be fostered among learners. Cooperative learning also helps the learners to feel empowered and respected to prepare them to face real

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