Face To Face Interview Case Study

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Face to face interview:
Three responsible in Sur hospital and extended Sur health care center agree to the interview ,also two heads of departments (Radiology department and Ear Nose And Throat department)agree to an interview
The interview was structured in an open question style and asking to identify the weakness ,strengths and areas for improvement points
Management of healthcare facilities is facing new and increasing challenges, like more patients, fewer staff, and strained budgets. Executives and administrators are feeling the pressure of bottom lines ,disjointed focus and scattered efforts among leaders and staff, and from department to department exacerbate the slew of issues plaguing a facility. Therefore the benefits of improvement
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• Unsecure feeling of GP doctors. • Lack of commitment from management.

I noticed during a meeting with the staff that the specialists felt frustrated and that affect their performance..Regarding the referral system , it needs management commitment and a help from primary health care center because it will be very effective if the referral system work in applicable manner.
A referral system that the patient referred from the health care organization to another, depending on the doctor's decision according to the patient needs.
While in the city of Sur the referral system consists of these steps:
First step: Patient goes to primary health care center and examined by GP doctors.
Second step: Doctors at the center of primary health care has two options:
1. Treating the patient if the case can manage.
2. If not the case needed to see by specialists, so referring the patient to in an ENT clinic in Sur EHC is the second option.
In reality what is happening is not all the patients know the existence of this system in the first place, and when they visit the clinic in the secondary health care center, they are surprised by specialist asking them to bring a referral report from the primary HC .Furthermore , a not small quantity of patients preferred to be seen by the specialist firstly .Thinking that the GP doctor had not much help or benefit to give

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