Fall Of The Qin Dynasty Summary

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Fall of the Qin Dynasty In the World History textbook, “The Human Experience”, a Confucian essay by Jia Yi, and a newspaper article by T’an Hsiao-Wen, it tells us how the Qin Dynasty came to an end. The most reliable source for the end of the dynasty was the Confucian essay by Jia Yi.
Jia Yi was a Confucian poet and statesman of the Han dynasty who lived from approximately 200 to 168 BCE. This article from http://thegreatchinesefirewall.weebly.com/ states, “One major event of censorship in ancient China was the Burning of Books and Burial of Scholars. This took place in 221 AD.” During the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BCE), censorship caused books to be burned, so writers had to more honesty and truth in their writings. In the essay, it states,

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