Fertilization In Brave New World

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“And this is the Fertilizing Room” (Huxley 1) said the Director opening the door for a group of young children. Although, this wasn’t your average fertilization room full of potted plants, and this was no group of ordinary children. These were the Brave New World children, made in the very room the Director just showed them, and this room was the start of what was called Bokanovsky's process. It started with taking one surgically removed egg from the female and mixing it with the male sperm. Then the now fertile eggs would be broken into what this society (The World State) called castes. There were five castes, Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. Once broken up Alphas and Betas would be untouched, left to let the fetus grow on its own, the other however would be purposely toyed with to make the growing fetus develope problems and disabilities. …show more content…

Each group is only taught what they need to know so their society can fulfill the motto “Community, Identity, Stability”. Along with that the World State eliminates all feelings in society by encouraging sexual activity at a very young age. But even after conditioning not every person is perfect so the World State encourages caste members to take a drug called soma which takes away any feelings the World State’s conditioning failed to eliminate. Along with that the World State has created new games and ways of transportation that are needed for any member to survive. But in between the lines of this book were the predictions of Aldous Huxley. Although all his predictions did not end up being real, he did accurately predict the psychology in today’s world through the novel Brave New

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