Fever In Matilda Cook's Fever 1793

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First Thoughts When I first started reading Fever 1793, I already expected it to be an exceptional book. Since there was suspense of family and friends catching yellow fever, it made the book extremely intriguing. The book, Fever 1793, was about a girl named Matilda Cook, whose town got infested with a terrible pestilence called yellow fever. Like Matilda, I have had the feeling of losing my grandfather. Although I have never been to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there has been a severe flu season this year. It wasn't as devastating as yellow fever, but yellow fever could not be compared to the Spanish flu. The outbreak in Philadelphia only affected Philadelphia only affected Philadelphia, but the Spanish flu killed millions of lives. Make …show more content…

This point of view shapes the way the author presents the material, because we do not know the thoughts and feelings of Lucy or Eliza. I believe the author wasn't bias, because a reasonable amount of people died from the epidemic. For instance, Nell's parents and Joseph's wife passed away from yellow fever instead of no one passing away. I believe the author feels that when her ideas are presented, she is interested. I believe she feels this way, because this is an interesting topic. In addition, several people enjoyed her book, and she has several published …show more content…

In other words, Lucille's arrival was more significant than Washington's. Also, I could visualize what happened during this event with Anderson's amazing marks of her pen. The reason this part of the book was important and compelling was, because everyone didn't know didn't know whether she was going to return or not. While several people doubted she was going to return, Matilda still had hope and faith. This shows to always have hope and faith, even when most people believe otherwise. This moral helps applies to everything, large or small, and everyone. Prompt #4: Write about an important lesson that was learned in the story. After reading this book, there were important lessons I learned. Though, the most significant lesson I learned was to never lose faith and hope. As stated earlier, this applies to anything and to anyone who doubts you. Although your hopes may be incorrect, never let anyone doubts you. For instance, a great amount of people lost faith and hope in the New England Patriots during last year's Super Bowl. However, the New England Patriots pulled through to win the game against the Atlanta Falcons. Although almost everyone lost hope, you still shouldn't lose hope, because they may come through in the end. Prompt #8: Describe the author's craft: What was good about the

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