Fight Milk Advertising Analysis

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Marketing is an important aspect in regard to introducing and appealing the customer to a product. Because of this, many corporations utilize this practice, and in doing so, they present their brand in countless different ways. For instance, the hit comedy show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has epitomized this concept. On this show, hyperbole and absurdist humor are interwoven within the plot and the progression of each episode. As a result of this, the advertisements for Fight Milk possess a similar tone as they feature a satirical take on the generic advertisements for fitness related products. In this paper, I will be evaluating the following rhetorical techniques: advertisement populum, product legitimization, extreme sentiments, …show more content…

This is done through the use of the following rhetorical questions: “Do you want to hear the best idea ever?” “Do you want to have even more money?” These questions are framed in a manner where the audience members would answer “yes.” This is used as a way to agree with your viewers, when this happens, the presenter appears to be like minded and relatable, and this coaxes the audience into viewing the product in a more favorable way. Additionally, sound effects, imagery, and timing serve an important role in communicating with the audience. When Mac begins asking rhetorical questions regarding the acquisition of money, the sound effect of a cash register opening commences, this sound effect is synchronized with pictures of Nicholas Cage, stacks of money, and private jets. Furthermore, following Mac’s aforementioned inquiries, the product Fight Milk is introduced. Because of the order in which these ideas were presented, the product is associated with the causation of wealth. This is an example of a non sequitur as the conclusion does not logically follow its …show more content…

An integral part of this relationship revolves around the seller generating an interest for the product through the field of marketing. Charlie and Mac used many persuasive techniques to attract attention and profits for their company, these techniques consisted of: emotional branding, rhetorical fallacies, authoritative statements, and begging questions. These strategies allowed the business to successfully: engage the customer, gain legitimacy, create a demand, and promote positive public perception for the corporation. This marketing campaign was an ultimate success as I have been absolutely converted into an absolute believer. Whenever I have a hankering for an alcoholic and dairy based protein drink, I will always purchase Fight Milk. Work Cited: Rethans, A. J. (1986). Effects of Television Commercial Repetition, Receiver Knowledge, and Commercial Length: A Test of the Two-Factor Model [Abstract]. Journal of Marketing Research,23, 1st ser., 50-61.

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