Finding The Truth In Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless

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We find truth in many different ways but to find the truth in our lives we have to discern them from the lies that are presented to us. We see this journey to find this truth in into the wild a book documenting the travels of Chris McCandless. Chris quotes Thoreau when talking about his journey to understand the truth in his life when he is talking to Jan “I'm going to paraphrase Thoreau here... rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth. “Chris pursues this idea of truth in his life without really knowing what he is looking for because what is the idea of truth is it the way you live your life is it finding your purpose in life or just trying to find out how the world actually is. …show more content…

To find truth Chris throws all of the ideas of the past that he held and could impede his vison of the truth. Chris gets rid of his social security card most of his money and all of his worries. Chris tried to find the truth in college but only could see the same idea of life focused on doing and working hard on school and on things that could help you make more money. Chris does this to help throw his parents vison of the world away so he can see it for himself. Chris adopts a new name and identity to make sure he felt the full freedom and not think in his head would Chris McCandless do this but Alex Supertramp would do mostly anything. Alex meets many different people on his journey and enjoys spending time with most of them with each side learning something from the relationship. Alex creates an idea in his head of Alaska a land of freedom and openness. Alex believes that in this remote wilderness he can look inside himself and find out the truth and beauty of the …show more content…

Alex continues thinking of his journeys and what brought him happiness on those journeys. At one point Alex believes he found the truth of happiness and attempts to leave the camp but becomes trapped due to rising river waters. Alex soon begins to starve becoming weaker and weaker. He writes a few messages before his passing due to starvation where he wrote “happiness is only real when shared” and talks about using your rightful name. Chris believes he found the truth and you can see the evidence that he did find the truth from his experiences from through his journey. A major point of this is when Alex writes his final note signing it as Chris McCandless. Chris believed that ultimately to truly find yourself you have to embrace the person that you are and not hide behind another name and deny your past. You have to accept yourself as the person that your life created. This is a major change in perspective as Chris changed his name to fully separate himself from the shadow of his parents and the type of person that he associates with

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