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Long ago, there was a time of Giants. Huge human-like creatures roamed the earth and created many remarkable landmarks and stories still cherished today. One of these giants was Fionn MacCumhal. He was a friendly Irish giant found in many myths from that area. He is also the explanation for many world wonders and creates a strong ethnic background of the Irish people, like me. However his story isn’t only found in Ireland. Story’s in Greece also share some of his morals. The story of Fionn MacCumhal can relate to our lives and other myths because it demonstrates the character trait of helping others and can be found in us and other stories from around the world. The story of Fionn MacCumhal originated from County Antrim on the north east …show more content…

Suddenly, all of the salmon’s knowledge was then given to Fionn and whenever he sucks his thumb, he is able to tell the future. He then uses this knowledge to lead the Fianna, a vigorous warrior tribe dedicated to protecting Ireland from her enemies. Warriors seeking to join the Fianna had to complete many difficult tasks for example, one had to remove a nail from the bottom of his foot while being chased and bombarded by spears. These seemingly impossible tests weeded the strong from the week and prepared the best for their ultimate battle. The myth of Fionn MacCumhal and the Giants Causeway began on a beautiful island named Ulster. Here beautiful rivers and cliffs cut through the surrounding ocean, creating a truly amazing sight. To add to the beauty, large rocks jut from the ground creating stunning formations claiming to be the burial grounds of giants. One day Fionn MacCumhal summoned a boost of courage and set out to challenge his Scottish rival, Benandoner. Benandoner was a massive giant who bore the reddest beard in the world. But there was one problem; Benandoner lived in Scotland, directly across the sea from Fionn. So Fionn built a walkway made of hexagonal shaped rocks all the way to

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