Why Is Florence Nightingale Important

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Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale has made a lasting impact to the history of nurses/doctors because she helped Great Britain, France, and Turkey win the Crimean War by helping the injured soldiers recover an reducing the death rate the hospital by ⅔’s,she is the founding philosopher of modern nursing, and she helped hospitals get more sanitary.

Early Life
Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy.Her father and mother are William Edward Nightingale (His original last name is Shore.) and Frances Nightingale(Source #1).Florence Nightingale also had an older sister named Frances Parthenope Verney(Source #1).Her family was very wealthy so they had two houses in England.One was in Derbyshire and the other …show more content…

The Crimean War is where Florence Nightingale truly shines.One day, the Secretary of War Sidney called Nightingale and asked if she could help out a hospital.The secretary was also friends with Nightingale(Source #5).She was told by the secretary find a group of suitable nurses like her and bring them to a hospital named Scutari to help out the doctors there.When the doctors first saw them, they didn 't want them there and continued doing their job(Source #5).The hospital she was called to go to was very unhygienic in a lot of ways.The hospital also had a scarce amount of common and medicinal items.Soldiers weren 't looked after properly and were also left them on the floor in a litter.This lead to a death rate around 42%(Source#5).Nightingale was so shocked by this, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.She told her nurses to help clean up the place and they did.Nightingale also made sure that the wounded soldiers got at least a decent meal, a clean bed, and clean clothes(Source #3).Even though Nightingale and her team did a great job and lowered the deaths by a great amount, the people that originally worked at the hospital still didn 't want them there.This was probably because they were men and they still thought that the nurses still did not belong in the hospital(Source #3).Nightingale always made sure that the soldiers were okay and feeling better than before.Most nurses and doctors didn 't do this and never to a soldier if they were in pain or

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