Applying Friedrich Froebel's Theory

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My two key issues will link to a variety of theorists, for example Friedrich Froebel. Froebel's theory will link to my key issues as when he lost his mother at a 9 months he believed he did not feel that he was in a caring environment until he was 10 years old. Froebel that decided at a later age that he would work within a school and then in the later 1837 he opened a kindergarten for young children. He opened up the kindergarten for young children as he believed it was "The best environment for young children to learn and develop" Thomas A, 2016
Froebel also believed that play is an important part of learning for children as it allows them to be imaginative and to develop physically. Froebel "proposed that play is a necessary element in educating the 'whole' child allowing him to use all his imaginative powers and physical movements to explore his interests" Play and Playground Encyclopedia accessed on 04/12/17
Froebel opened up a kindergarten and involved a variety of activities for children to participate in, for example songs, free play and stories. Whilst involving these activities Froebel believed they improved and developed a child's physical and motor skills. "Froebel’s kindergarten used free play, games, songs, stories, and crafts to stimulate imagination while developing physical and motor skills." Play …show more content…

The next couple of days Rachel went to socialist meetings with Gilray in Edinburgh and once she got home she wrote to her friend about her new beliefs. She also stated that when other individuals are more aware of things they will start to become socialists. "During the following week Rachel McMillan went with Gilray to several socialist meetings in Edinburg. When she arrived home in Inverness she wrote to a friend about her new beliefs: "I think that, very soon, when these teachings and ideas are better known, people generally will declare themselves Socialists." Electric Scotland accessed on

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