Following Directions In A Sound Of Thunder

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Being able to listen and follow directions is a big key to success in life. In life if someone does not follow directions it can lead to big consequences because it can affect the outcome of something. If someone does not follow directions or the law they can be put in jail, or maybe even killed. in Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound Of Thunder,”the main character is murdered and the future because of Eckel’s own stupidity, the anger of the safari guide, and the lax screening process of Safari, Inc. To begin with, Eckel’s didn’t follow directions to stay on the path, so he changed the future because of his own stupidity not to listen, because he thought he knew where he was going. Eckel’s stupidity changed the future when he went off of the path. He stepped on a butterfly, which caused a chain reaction of events in the future. The guides told Eckel’s to stay on the path or he could change the future. Even though the guides told him to stay on the path he was to stupid to listen and follow direction from the guides. In addition, the anger of the safari guide, Travis, caused the future to change when he murdered Eckel’s when they got out of the time machine. …show more content…

Travis was really scared that Eckel’s changed the future when they were still in the past, and when they got back to the future it turned out Travis was right because the future was changed. Travis was as angry as a hornet in a coke bottle, and because of that when they got to the future Travis was so angry at Eckel’s he shot him. Travis was suppose to be calm because he was the guide on the hunt. Nevertheless, the lax screening process of Safari, Inc, also caused Eckel’s to get murdered and the future to

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